Harmony (Canada) Feature List

Harmony is our hosted payroll and HR solution for businesses of all sizes. With automatic tax table upgrades and your data stored on the cloud, you can do payroll any time, anywhere.

  • Available in English, French, or Spanish
  • Unlimited number of companies
  • User-definable security groups and permissions to access different parts of Harmony
  • Modular – pick and choose only the modules you need
  • All data is stored on the cloud; Accessible via any modern web browser
  • Dashboards available for every module to provide you with important information at a glance
  • User-defined notifications and reminders
  • Batch paycards in a single step for employees who are paid a regular fixed amount
  • Cost allocation and job costing functionality
  • Ability to email paystubs and tax forms as password-protected PDF email attachments
  • Print cheques and create direct deposit files in the same pay run
  • Electronic funds transfer supported by all major banks and credit unions in Canada
  • Export to your general ledger package or generate a General Ledger report
  • Update federal and provincial TD1 information for your employees
  • User-definable payroll calendar
  • Unlimited number of payroll groups to accommodate different pay frequencies or pay dates
  • Unlimited number of customizable payroll categories – accruals, benefits, deductions, earnings to accommodate your payroll (e.g. bonuses, garnishments, expenses, etc.)
  • Use of formula or lump sum calculations
  • Statutory holiday payroll category available to automatically pay out stat holidays
  • Track QPIP, FSS, and CSST/CNESST for Quebec
  • Track and report WCB/WSIB/WorkSafe, even if your employees work in multiple provinces and territories
  • Vacation can be accrued or paid as earned
  • Sick pay can be accrued at a variable rate per employee
  • Allows for multiple union memberships
  • Set up one or multiple EI groups

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  • Variety of ways to track time, including importing from a file or hardware time clock, within the application through a browser or terminal mode, mobile app, or a manual entry
  • Employees, their managers, or any designated person can enter time worked or request time off
  • Visual calendar shows you when your employees are taking time off
  • User-defined multi-level approval paths to approve clock entries, timesheets, and time off
  • Automatic overtime rules
  • Administration of detailed absence and entitlement information for time off and absences

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  • User-defined workflows to automate your processes
  • Automatic onboarding features, including the ability for your new hire to provide personal information prior to their first day
  • Onboarding and offboarding checklists with reminders and notifications
  • Benefit plan tracking and management
  • Performance appraisals tracking
  • Training course and skills management
  • Tracks probation periods
  • Upload and attach documents to employee profiles
  • Manage employee contacts, including emergency contacts, dependents, beneficiaries, and other family

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  • Employees can access and manage their own information
  • Employees can manage their family information, including emergency contacts and dependents
  • Mobile app available

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  • Several reports that can be printed,exported, or emailed in PDF format or Excel for further manipulation
  • Reports can be generated for the whole company, selected departments, or other selections
  • Produce ROEs and tax forms (T4s, T4As, RL-1s) in print or file format for upload to CRA (magnetic media transfer)
  • Predefined import and export templates, with the ability for you to create your own
  • Interfaces with several major general ledger packages
  • Seamless integration with select general ledger packages available
  • Ability to import hours or amounts from files
  • Integrations with hardware time clocks and other Time & Attendance solutions
  • Flexible GL and department analysis

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