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Paymate Integration with SAP Business One®

An ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning software, is a great solution for integrating data and connecting multiple departments and functions, all within one system. The ERP solution can greatly improve your business performance by delivering benefits such as improved management of business resources, tools for gathering and reporting data from multiple sources, improved data accuracy, payroll services, and more. As wonderful as it sounds, there are still times when your ERP software may be missing an essential component, like payroll processing. Does this mean that you should change your ERP provider? Not necessarily! Sometimes a simple connection, or integration, is all you need for a comprehensive solution.

Convenient and User-Friendly

Paymate’s on-premise solution, Clarity, as well as our hosted solution, Harmony, come with convenient pre-loaded exports to SAP® B1. After you create the export file of your general ledger (GL) entries in your Paymate payroll software, import them into SAP® within minutes. As a bonus, this integration also allows for bi-directional exchange of employee records! You will be able to import and export your employee information to and from SAP® B1 and Clarity / Harmony for easy sharing.

The best part? The integration for Clarity will be seamless using SAP® API and comes free with the annual maintenance fees. This means that out of the box, Clarity is capable of connecting with SAP®, and does not require additional download or installation of any files. Due to the web-based nature of Harmony, the application uses a file-based integration through a SAP® add-on, which requires an additional one-time cost that will include the download, installation, and configuration of the add-on. Our friendly team of specialists will complete the configuration process for you so that you can sit back and enjoy our products to the fullest. Payroll Services

Flexible for Your Needs with Payroll Services

We understand that not everyone will need the same information in the same format. To allow for more flexibility, the integration with SAP® B1 works with both SQL and HANA databases. Additionally, we offer two different types of exports – detailed or summary. A detailed exports, each GL will be a separate transaction, showing the complete check and GL details. For summary exports, the entire transaction will appear as a single journal entry in SAP®. For Clarity customers, GL account codes and descriptions can be retrieved from SAP® B1 and stored in Clarity. This ensures that incorrect GL codes are not entered, avoiding complications during the journal entry creation. Employee identification comes with several options for you to choose from, so you can identify employees however you like. You can also easily exchange employee information between SAP® B1 and Clarity/Harmony, to ensure that all your employee’s information is accurate across all platforms. Payroll Services

Who Can Use It?

Integration with SAP Business One® is available to all Canadian and U.S. customers using our on-premise solution, Clarity, or our hosted solution, Harmony. Visit our website for more information.

Integration between SAP Business One® and our payroll services solutions, Clarity, and Harmony, means that you can easily import your GLs and exchange employee records without the need for manual entry. Free up some time so you can focus more on the important aspects of your business. Payroll doesn’t have to be hard.

Sound interesting? Contact us for more information.

Clarity is Paymate’s on-premise payroll solution for medium- to large-sized businesses in North America. With robust reporting tools and modules for Human Resources and Time & Attendance, you can do more than just payroll.

Harmony is Paymate’s hosted solution for businesses of all sizes in North America. With automatic tax table upgrades and your data stored on the cloud, you can do payroll anywhere, any time.