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How Time Tracking is Beneficial for Employees

There are several reasons why you might want to track your employees’ time. You can keep a close on your employees, as well as help organizations to be more productive. Staff may not be open to the idea of management keeping track of what they are working on and how much time is being spent on them. Their reluctance may hinder your efforts if you plan on implementing a time tracking system, but it is essential that you have one in place and that your entire team fully adopts the new system.

To help get your workforce onboard, communicate how time tracking can benefit them. Make it clear that it’s in their best interest and that management is not trying to act like an “overbearing big brother”. Let’s look at the benefits time tracking can offer your employees and your business, and why you should have it in place. 

Enables Employees to Be More Efficient

Time flies when you’re busy. You can be working on something and all of a sudden, three hours have flown by! But sometimes it doesn’t feel that way. Time tracking will enable your workforce to work more efficiently. They can quickly and easily see what tasks and projects they have been working on and how much time they spent on each. They will have visibility into what tasks took a lot of their time and be able to see which areas they can improve on. For example, they can reduce tedious tasks that don’t add value, or delegate those tasks to a junior level member or 3rd party if they can.

Staff Can Justify Flexible Work Hours

Employees have lives that exist outside of work and sometimes it may interfere with their standard work schedules. From doctor’s appointments to picking up their kids from school, staff prefer flexible working hours over a strict fixed schedule. With time tracking, it’s easier for them to provide evidence of the work they are putting in. They can prove they are working the full amount of required hours and also indicate if they put in any extra hours worked. Choosing when they work can also enable them to experience less stress, be more productive, and feel that their organization values work-life balance. 

Not every organization can work with a flexible schedule (which is okay). But for those who are considering it or currently have it in place, time tracking can reassure you that your team is doing their work and not taking advantage of your policy.

Can Help Build a Better Case for a Promotion

Detailed time logs of hours spent on tasks and valued projects can be very beneficial for an employee. The data you receive from time tracking can help with employee performance reviews. As a result, employees can build a better case for a salary increase or promotion.

Employees Can Get Support When Needed

If employees find themselves spending an excessive amount of time on a project, management will have visibility into this. Then, they can offer additional resources to help alleviate the pressure. Staff won’t be overwhelmed and they can focus on doing the best job possible, instead of cutting corners to save time for other tasks. Additionally, staff will appreciate it if an employer offers extra support, which will boost employee morale. 

Protects Your Workforce and the Business

Lastly, time tracking will protect both your employees and the business from disagreements and conflicts stemming from hours worked and compensation. The data can be used as evidence if an issue arises, such as if an employee believes they weren’t paid enough overtime or if a client disputes billable hours for a service you provided. Leaving a trail of all the hours your employees put into a project can go far if there’s a dispute. 

Closing Thoughts

Time tracking doesn’t just benefit the organization, but its workforce as well. Your employees may not like the idea of time tracking their work and be reluctant in doing so initially, but if you are able to clearly convey the benefits to them, they will definitely be more open-minded in doing so. 

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