Introducing Harmony’s Time & Attendance Module


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Introducing Harmony’s Time & Attendance Module

Arguably the most important aspect of operating your business is ensuring that your money goes to the right places. The biggest expenditure? Your people. Tracking the hours they worked, creating and approving timesheets, managing PTO… all of these tasks can add up and consume a huge chunk of your precious time that could be used for other important things. Don’t even get us started about transferring your timesheets to your payroll system! We’ve kept all of these repetitive tasks in mind when creating our Time & Attendance module for Harmony. With this new module, you can track time worked, customize your overtime rules, and track time off from anywhere, any time.

Fully Modular with Extensive Features & Robust Reporting

Harmony Time & Attendance is a standalone module that can function on its own, but it can also be used together with Harmony Payroll for a more integrated experience. Harmony T&A is packed with features that ensures you can track time for all your employees with ease. With a real-time dashboard, you can access all the information you need in one place, at a single glance. You can easily create and approve your employees’ timesheets, with room for adjustments if needed. Manage your employees’ PTO or leaves through a beautiful visual calendar with a number of filters that you can use to customize how you want to see the calendar. Approving your PTO requests are also simple and easy – custom approval paths are available with all modules of Harmony, which can be configured to suit your preferences.

One of the major features that every solution needs is reporting. Especially when it comes to tracking time, it is critical for your managers to be able to track where your employees’ time is spent and gauge the effectiveness of your current operations. Harmony Time & Attendance features dynamic reporting, which means you can customize what data you want to see and where. For your convenience, a wide variety of reports come straight out of the box, too! 

Achieve Greater Productivity

Harmony T&A is also a tool that you can use to increase your team’s productivity. With this module, you can set locations to control where you employees can clock in and out from, using the GPS tracking feature (we took your employees’ morning coffee stops into account). By keeping track of your employees’ locations, you can have a better understanding of how and where their time is spent.  

Outstanding Flexibility

Although we encourage using Harmony T&A with our Payroll module, that does not mean that the module cannot be used with other applications. Harmony T&A allows for various reporting and exporting interfaces, which can be customized to your separate Payroll software. Even if you’re using one of our other applications, Acclaim or Clarity, you can use Harmony’s T&A module and have your timesheets easily imported! You can import your projects and activities from an Excel or .CSV file, or even import your paycodes to easily link between your Time & Attendance and Payroll modules. Harmony T&A is also compatible with a variety of hardware time clocks, whether you use one of ours or your own, including ones with biometric capabilities! If you do decide to use one of our own, a seamless integration is available so you don’t have to manually enter the hours that your employees clocked. All reports can be exported and saved in different formats and with a simple click, you can print your reports straight from Harmony. 

Support When You Need It

For all Paymate customers, we provide you with various articles and videos, including comprehensive training videos, in our knowledge base. You will also have full telephone and email support from the Paymate team, with setup and update services available upon request. We’re always here for you. 

Closing Thoughts

A time & attendance solution can help you optimize your productivity, boost your efficiency, and ensure that your employees’ hours and PTO are tracked accurately. But this might not be all you need – and there’s where Harmony T&A comes in. With dynamic reporting and outstanding flexibility, Harmony’s Time & Attendance module is available to U.S. and Canadian businesses of all sizes. Whether you want a standalone solution, or have it integrated with your payroll, Harmony T&A can fit your business needs. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

Request a demo today and see how Harmony’s T&A module can fit into your organization! 

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